Our Founder

Vickie West, founder of ABC Permit Specialist is one of the very few who has served at the NC ABC Commission for 33 years. In her long and outstanding career, she has assisted applicants in the process of applying for Alcoholic Beverage Control permits in the state of North Carolina. She has assisted government officials with questions concerning retail businesses in their local cities and counties.

Over three decades of experience with the NC ABC Commission.

Expert. Experienced. Exceptional.

Vickie is trained and experienced in interpreting the laws and rules of North Carolina as necessary for various types of businesses. As a former NC ABC Commission official, she has been responsible for all manager change approvals for on-premise permittees. She was responsible for approving all permittee diagrams when changes were made to business locations. Apart from this, for special events, she was also responsible for approval of all permittee requests for a temporary extension of premises.

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